Commissioned by the National Trust and inspired by birds from the North Coast of Ireland.


The Puffin's beak changes colour to a dull grey in the Winter. In Spring it blooms bright orange and red. It is thought that the bright colour helps Puffin's assess potential mates.

Hand-painted in Ireland and printed using archival art paper and inks to produce a print as close to the original as possible and one that can be treasured for a lifetime. Hand titled and signed they make a unique gift or yourself or a loved one.

Puffin | Fratercula artica

  • These prints seek to tell the story of our adventures in nature and will hopefully inspire you to explore the great outdoors. They can be displayed on their own but they are perfectly happy when displayed in a flock. Signed & titled by the artist. They make a unique, collectable gift for yourself or a loved one.

    • Ships flat in a protective sleeve
    • Hand-painted and printed in Belfast to the highest quality
    • Image A5 overall size with mount is 10''x 8''
    • Can be framed in an off the shelf frame.

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