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late spring, early summer

Newsletter inspired by the seasons


Let me introduce you to one of this seasons superstars! This is the Skylark, one of the finest songsters in the bird world. This small, brown bird climbs vertically into the sky: a tactic used by male skylarks to show off their strength and capabilities to impress the females in Spring . The Lark is capable of sustaining a loud and complex song while hovering high above the ground and even while descending the skylark still sings. These are ground nesting birds so look out for them in areas of heath and bogland, rising from the silvery swathes of bog cotton and purple heather.


“O sweet sky piercing, heaven mounting lark, what have you seen? On this June day what have you seen?

I have seen—I have seen The dark red bog and the king fern green, And the black black pools lying dim between,– The baby heather that blossoms so soon. CHARLOTTE GRACE O’BRIEN (1845 –1909)


A few weeks ago Natasha got in touch with her sweet story, she has agreed to share it with you.

" I just wanted to drop you a quick message to let you know how much I love your print (Sky Lark) that I have bought as a gift for my next door neighbour. I have lived in my house for 20 years. For 18 of those years my next door neighbour was a wonderfully eccentric elderly woman called Gwen. She loved nature and wildlife and her garden was always full of birds and the brightest of flowers. At the end of every winter, I would listen out for the crazy whittering sound of the first Sky Lark when I was walking my dog. Then I would rush back and tell Gwen that I had heard it and we'd both take it as a sign that spring was on the way.

Gwen sadly died two years ago, but her daughter (Mandy) moved into her house,

and we have continued the 'first sky lark' tradition. We are now about to move house and I wanted to get Mandy a parting gift for both her and the memory of Gwen. I knew I wanted to find a print of a Sky Lark, but they are surprisingly tricky to come by and those I did find were often dull, ancient and far too serious. And then I came across your Sky Lark. And it is utterly perfect, not only capturing the beauty and detail of the bird, but also with the kind of playful and warm tone that is so reminiscent of my relationship with Gwen. I just wanted to share with you the joy that print has brought me. I have yet to give it to Mandy (I will do so nearer our moving day) but I know she will adore it. I love it so much that I will be back shortly to buy one for myself for our new house!"

Invite summer into your own home with this Skylark print. Hand- painted and printed in Belfast using fine art paper and archival inks to produce a print that can be treasured for a lifetime. Posted in recyclable / compostable packaging.

Take care,

Eimear x


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