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Downloadable Drawings

Suitable for both adults and children and any ability. I have drawn these for anyone who might benefit from focusing their mind on this little nature based activity for a while.

These drawings are the perfect way to reconnect with nature at home. Make sure and read the matching nature fact.

 Print out and colour with paint or pencils or use as a digital template for iPad/tablet colouring.

I have included an image to give you some guidance but feel free to go your own way.


Click the black and white drawing to download a printable PDF. 


Share your finished pieces by tagging @dollybirdsart.

You can find a short guidance video here.


© Dollybirds Art


Almost transparent, their surface feels like delicate paper. They are one of Mother Nature’s many examples of perfection. 

Although the beech tree is deciduous, its leaves stay on for a much longer time than most other deciduous trees. Sometimes, they even remain until the following spring, when the new shoots eventually have to force them off. Beech trees can live for an incredible 300 to 400 years. 



The golden yellow flowers of the gorse bushes across Ireland are our longest blooming flowers. With their coconut smell and spiky stems, these pod-like flowers are most commonly found on mountainous and bogland scrubs during Spring and add a welcome splash of bright colour to the Irish landscape. They can be eaten, used in salads, herbal teas, cordials or syrups. Gorse flowers are also excellent pollinators for bees.

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