Dollybird 'Dream Big' greeting card.
Measures 14.8cmx10cm. 
Printed on 300gsm recycled card.

Dream Big

  • Beautifuly illustrated greeting card from Dollybirds Art. Dream big Swallow greetings card.

    There are many theories about swallow tattoos and how it became a popular trend amongst sailors, however the most popular one is that when a sailor completes his first 9,260 kilometers he would get tattooed with one swallow and after completing 18,520 km journey he’d get 2 swallows tattooed. The reason why they get tattooed with swallow is because it’s a symbol of dedication and hard work as it is extremely difficult to travel such great distance and during the early days of a sailor’s journey they believe it is dangerous and need courage to accomplish it!
    Blank on the inside for your own message.
    Printed on 300gsm recycled paper.
    Packaged in a cello envelope.
    Posted in a sturdy envelope.

    Measures 14.8cmx10cm. Printed on 300gsm recycled card.

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